Life / Health Insurance

Life insurance can be an important part of your personal safety net, especially if you have financial dependents.

Life insurance protects your family in the event that you pass away, and ensures that they will be able to maintain their current standard of living despite the loss of your income. Chances are that if you have a life insurance policy with sufficient coverage, worries like protecting assets such as a home, and covering current family expenses can be cast aside. A life insurance policy can provide your loved ones with the funds needed to protect those things that are worth protecting. With access to many different life insurance companies and plans, our agency is dedicated to helping you find the “best fit” in a life insurance policy to suit your needs and the needs of your loved ones.

An unexpected illness, medical emergency or accident could cost you a lot of money, and in the extreme, can result in financial disaster. Our agency is working with many health insurance carriers in order to provide you and your family with the best health care coverage available at the best price to fit your needs.

Whether you need individual/family health insurance, student health insurance, short-term medical insurance or travel medical insurance, we can help!